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Play Dead by Ted Dekker Review

I will get to Play Dead soon, but first I want to talk a little bit about fiction and Ted Dekker. Truthfully, fiction is my favorite. I have 3 bookshelves, 2 shelves of fiction, and 1 shelf of no-fiction with my fiction books overflowing onto it. I barely read non-fiction growing up, though I have read more as I’ve gotten older. I believe that fiction is more powerful and compelling. Life is story. In fiction, the author has to tell a story. In non-fiction, an author can get away with sticking to their intellectual mind the whole time.

Fiction also suggests lessons to you while non-fiction tells you what to think and how to think about it. Fiction explores complexity and what life is truly like, even if the setting is a fantastic fantasy or sci fi landscape. Fiction has to be more honest for it to be compelling than non-fiction. Those are some if the reasons why fiction is my favorite.

Ted Dekker is my favorite author that is still alive. When I was younger, I was able to go to one of his writing conferences and meet him in person. It was a great experience! Besides Tolkien and CS Lewis, Dekker is my favorite author because he writes parables to explore deep truths. He offers many twists and turns that you wouldn’t expect which helps you think in ways you never would have otherwise. Some of my favorite parts of his books are when his characters have a direct encounter with God. They have always given me goosebumps of electricity and yearning for that intimacy with God.

Now Play Dead is a sci-fi roller-coaster of a thriller. When I was at Baylor before I wrote an idea down about a VR Dystopian novel. Until now, I never really got into writing the story-line, but it definitely shares some similarities with Play Dead. I don’t want to give too many spoilers away, but suffice it to say, Play Dead helps the reader think about life from a bigger perspective.

Life on earth is serious, but its also a game that is only a short span of our existence across eternity. We could all take life a little more as a game. Anything is possible with God, and we should not doubt the malleability of the physical world. Reading this book, like reading Everything Belongs by Rohr helped me give myself the freedom to grow my perspectives on life and my beliefs.

In the coming posts I will be exploring new ideas outside of the Christian Conservative system that I grew up in. Next post, I will share the final book that really propelled me on this journey and also inspired some new healthy life changes for myself.


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