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2022 Goals

Last year I made my goals pretty simple because in the past I have struggled with perfectionism when trying to improve or organize my life. In my last post I talked about how great 2021 was and how productive I was during that time. I believe that I am ready and able to handle a more in depth and detailed goal list.

  • 1 blog post per week
  • 2 workouts, playing basketball twice a week
  • 1 love letter per week
  • Meditation/yoga/Bible reading/prayer every day
  • 11PM bedtime
  • Personal reading 30 min a day (before bed)
  • Try Audiobooks
  • Meal prep/clean room on Saturdays
  • Start another book study
  • Laundry and grocery shopping every 2 weeks
  • Be intentional with time on the phone
  • Do school assignments on time
  • Journal my dreams and ideas

Some more broad goals

  • Be open and sensitive to God’s leading
  • Stay consistent, organized, and disciplined
  • Improve handling anxiety, procrastination, and perfectionism
  • Be in the present moment
  • Be more loving
  • Deepen relationships
  • Be content in all things
  • Balance time for myself and for others
  • Seek balance in all things
  • Lean on God’s power instead of my own

I believe that if I continue my good habits, surrounding myself with good people, put my trust in God that 2022 can be an even greater year than 2021!


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