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2021 Review

While most of the world suffered under another year of Covid and the latest batch of bad news I actually had one of if not the best year of my life! At the beginning of the year I made a post about my goals. I’m going to be reviewing how I did.

In 2021 I wanted to be more organized, focused, productive, selfless, and continue to grow. I definitely achieved all of those things! Let’s break these down.

I thought that I could become more organized by utilizing a planner and journal more. I didn’t end up using a planner, but I did use my notes app in my phone for my work schedule, grocery list, workout, etc. I did journal more than in the past year. I journaled reflections from books I read as well as ideas I had about psychology, theology, life, etc. I used my journal to organize my mind and remember things. Many times I used these thoughts to write blog posts.

I have become more focused this year by playing less video games after work, spending less time on my phone, and focusing on the moment. I had an addictions class for grad school and one of the assignments was to give up a habit/addiction during the 8 week class. I gave up social media and it was very helpful. By focusing on my goals and things that I really enjoyed, I didn’t have much of a desire or a lot of extra time to play video games and I was generally happier because of it.

I wanted to be more productive in 2021 by getting these things every week: sunshine, exercise, water, meditation, reading, working, leisure, writing and time with God. I began meditating almost every morning for 20 minutes in the morning, bought a half gallon water bottle that I filled/drank twice daily, read a lot for grad school and personal, successfully worked 2 jobs and grad school, started working out as well as continued playing basketball, spent time outside for sunlight, relaxed when I could, and spent time in the mornings reading the Bible.

I wanted to become more selfless by spending more time with others. I want to continue to grow in that, but I did schedule time to hang out with friends and when people around me needed help or time to talk I usually adjusted my schedule for them.

I wanted to grow by being more fearless, joyful, and growing closer to God. I continued to face my fears with the help of my mentor and counselor. They also helped my improve my outlook on life and become more joyful. I spent a lot of time reading books, listening to podcasts, and meditating about God, but I want to make sure I balance the intellectual pursuit of God with experiencing God in 2022.

I didn’t examine my goals very often, but I did have them in my head and I’m very happy with the result! In 2021 I continued grad school, started a Christian book study with my mentor, started seeing my counselor every week, started doing yoga and lifting weights, meditated/wrote/read more, played less video games and spent less time on my phone, and grew a lot mentally and spiritually.

2021 was probably the most productive and fulfilling year of my life. I hope 2022 builds on that. Next post will be on my goals for 2022.


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